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2007-09(1): September 2007 part 1

The Writing Desk expands

We started The Writing Desk nearly 7-years ago now and in that time it has grown considerably. We are pleased to announce that Martin has now joined the business full-time. This will enable us to improve the service we offer to you, our customer, as well as expanding the range of products we stock.


New Yard-O-Led pens and pencils

We can now offer the pencil and ballpen in the standard Viceroy range in both plain and barley finishes. We will be adding more products to our Yard-O-Led range over the coming weeks so check back often.


New Lamy pens

The 2000 rollerball and the slimline st fountain pen:


G Lalo Papier Paille (Straw Paper)

A high quality thick (120gsm) paper with a hand-made feel but still perfect for use with fountain pens.


Visconti Travelling Inkwells

We now have supplies of the updated (flat-ended) version of the "new style" inkwell in black, red marbled and grey marbled.


London Writing Equipment Show 2007

The London Show will come back bigger and better this year with events taking place over the weekend of 6th-7th October. It is now organised by the UK Writing Equipment Society and with sponsorship from Parker and support from other major manufacturers and distributors, we hope it will stand out as the best event of its type anywhere in the world. The Show will celebrate all aspects of pens and writing and The Writing Desk will be there with some interesting and exciting products on display.


6th September 2007


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