Do you test pens prior to dispatch?

Short answer: YES we test the nibs on all premium level pens.

If you buy a pen from a traditional shop (such as our own), you would normally try it out beforehand as a check to ensure that it writes smoothly. When buying mail-order, you cannot perform this yourself so we do it for you! Why risk having to send a pen back and forth to the retailer because it isn't writing properly?

We check nib alignment and smoothness (adjusting and smoothing where necessary) and filling mechanism as well as a full visual inspection. If you want your pen to be particularly wet or dry writing please state at the time of ordering. Please also state if you do not want your pen tested. Waterman Florida Blue ink and Clairefontaine 90gsm paper are always used for testing and pens are properly cleaned and dried afterwards.

Why is it important for us to do this? Well, we know that most pen manufacturers do not test their pens. We want to to be able to take delivery of your pen and enjoy perfect writing performance straight away.

You do not have to ask for this service as we have always offered it. However, if you do not want us to test you pen for you please let us know.

Please note: this service is offered for premium level fountain pens. Other pens will given a nib smoothness test only upon request. Note that Lamy and Parker pens are also tested at their respective factories so will contain ink residue.

Which pens get this special treatment? Basically, everything from Pelikan M200 level upwards, but we also tune replacement nibs for pens that normally get tested prior to dispatch.

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