Do you sell left-handed pens?

We are often asked this question. Basically, there is no such thing as a left-handed pen. Nor is there any such thing as a right-handed pen for that matter. There are pens on the market labelled as "left-handed" and these can have oblique nibs, reverse-oblique nibs or a nib like a normal medium but with a slightly different shape to make it smoother for certain angles. As there is inconsistency in the labling of 'left-handed' nibs it is wise to check what sort of nib it is because not all the above types will suit all left-handers.

Left-handed writers often hold their pens at different angles to the paper compared to right-handers to avoid smudging the ink as they write. For many, a standard rounded point (eg F, M or B etc) will suit as will the rounded type of left-handed nib. For others an oblique or reverse-oblique nib may be required. It is therefore important to assess your writing style before making a choice.

Additionally, left-handed writers often benefit from a fast-drying ink to avoid potential smudging. This may mean using one of the "dryer" (ie slower-flowing) inks such as Lamy, Rohrer and Klingner or Pelikan 4001.

Finally, consider using a finer nib. If you currently use a medium (M) point, it may be beneficial to go down to fine (F) or even extra-fine (EF). A narrow line means less ink on the paper which in turn means that the drying time will probably be less.

See this page for more information on nib sizes. If you are in doubt please ask us for advice.

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