How do I change the nib on my Lamy pen?

We sell replacement nibs for all Lamy pens but please note that these instructions do not apply to the Lamy 2000.  We offer a supply and fit service for the Lamy 2000 replacement nib

Replacing a Lamy nib is quite straightforward if you follow this procedure:

  1. clean and dry the pen

  2. take a piece of Sellotape 50-60mm long and stick it across the nib, ie at right angles to the axis of the pen, with the middle of the piece of tape on top of the nib. Make sure the tape only sticks to the nib, not any other part of the pen.  It is important that the tape is tacky but not sticky as you do not want to leave a sticky residue on the nib, this is why we recommend Sellotape branded tape.

  3. hold the pen in your left hand with the nib horizontal and facing to the right and the tape hanging down either side.

  4. put your right index finger under the nib and grip the tape around that finger by using your thumb and middle finger.

  5. pull the tape away from the pen, applying gentle downward pressure to ensure the tape stays stuck to the nib. The tape will grip the nib and slide it off the feed (black plastic part).

  6. slide the replacement nib on by hand, making sure it goes all the way to the end (it will be quite stiff but you shouldn't use any tool).

If you are left-handed, just replace "right" with "left" and vice-versa.

Note: on rare occasions, the nib and feed will come out together. Don't worry if this happens, just continue to remove the nib before replacing the feed in the barrel of the pen. When replacing the feed, look inside the barrel and you will see a little channel formed by 2 ribs. The rib on the underside of the feed slides into this channel.