Ink Review - Rohrer & Klingner SketchINK Emma

Rohrer & Klingner Leipzig-Co. makes many excellent quality inks, and has been making inks and more in Germany since 1892. A renowned ink maker that doesn’t seem to be mentioned as much as some others. Chrissy here again and today I’m reviewing another one of Rohrer & Klingner’s Sketch Inks: Emma. These sketch inks are nano-pigmented inks, so the usual warnings about not leaving them in your unused pens for long periods, and exercising good pen hygiene should be followed.

To my eyes Emma is a wonderful colour. It’s an olive green colour, and this shade of green is always popular. I predict it will be a favourite. It’s lightfast. It wrote with very tight, crisp lines, as is common with pigmented inks, and it dried fairly quickly. It’s also completely waterproof when dry, but while wet can be mixed with water to make a really good wash onto the paper. For sketching those are excellent qualities.

Start-up: Usually immediate.

Flow Rate: Excellent - neither wet nor dry.

Lubrication: Excellent - felt really smooth across the page.

Saturation: A nicely saturated ink.

Spread / Feathering / Woolly Line: Not seen on any paper I used.

Show-Through/Bleed-through: Hardly noticeable on any papers I used.

Nib Dry-out: A slight stutter was noticed occasionally after I left the uncapped pen on the desk.

Clogging: Not seen.

Nib Creep / “Crud”: Not seen, even after several days in the pen.

Staining (pen): Didn’t stain my sections or converters.

Staining (hands): Washed off easily.

Water resistance: A completely waterproof ink.

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