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We can customise any Pelikan nib (except the M1000) to either stub, italic or oblique (either rounded or stub). Please choose your custom option from the selection below to be added to your order for a pen or nib unit.

Stub nibs are ground to a flat profile on the tip and underside and then rounded and polished. The resulting profile is similar to many factory "stub" or "italic" nib units and this gives good line variation, smooth writing and a forgiving angle.

Cursive italic nibs are ground to a chisel point with rounded corners. These nibs produce the best line variation but at the expense of ease of use, plus there will be more feedback than a standard nib.

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Review By Valerie McGregor,
Excellent, friendly service and only 5 mins from where I live!
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Thank you so much for posting my order today. Given the context with cyber attack this past weekend, ...
Review By Jeewaranga Gunasekera,
Excellent service. They have many hard to find items.