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2016-09: September 2016

The Writing Desk September 2016 newsletter

The Writing Desk
September 2016 Newsletter
London Writing Equipment Show 2016
Important information about this event can be found at the end of this e-mail.
Pilot Capless 2016 LE
Pilot Capless 2016 LE
In stock now. This year's pen features a gloss black barrel with fine guilloche style patterning. Only 2016 pieces of this pen have been produced so we only have limited stock available.
TWSBI Diamond mini AL
TWSBI Diamond mini AL
Like the standard Diamond mini but with aluminium piston parts and aluminium gripping section (like the Diamond 580 AL). In stock now.
Pelikan M400 Brown Tortoise
Pelikan M400 Brown Tortoise
This stunning pen is now in stock. As well as Pelikan's usual range of nib options, we also have a Broad Italic nib available for this pen.
Edison Pearlette: gold nibs now available
Gold nibs available for the Edison Pearlette. Note that the Deep Indigo flake model is discontinued as it has been replaced by the Lapis Lazuli Flake.
Forthcoming sales
We're having a clearout of ex-demo and returned pens. Look for some bargains next weekend from Sailor, Edison, Conway Stewart, TWSBI, Pelikan and others.
Conway Stewart ink
Conway Stewart ink
Just a pre-warning that stocks of this ink range are getting very low now. We have had an exclusive arrangement with Diamine, the ink's manufacturer, to stock what was remaing after Conway Stewart closed for business.
TWSBI Diamond 580: disassembly and reassembly
TWSBI Diamond 580: disassembly and reassembly
This video will hopefully show you all you need to know in about 3 minutes! If you need to repair your TWSBI, this is your reference.
Pelikan M205
Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled
Our first delivery is due on Monday 26th September!
Lamy scala
Lamy scala "glacier" and Lx
Unfortunately these new pens have been delayed slightly so won't be with us until next month. If you are interested, please e-mail to reserve.
Lamy Lx
Lamy offers
All Lamy Safari Dark Lilac pens are reduced by 10%. This includes the Back to School fountain pen bundle.
Rhodia offers
All Rhodia WebNoteBooks ("Webbies") (A4, A5 and A6) and Rhodiarama notebooks (19x25cm and A5)) are currently on special offer.
Top Tip:
Tired of waiting for ink to flow to the nib from a new cartridge? Just dip the nib in some water and this will wet the feed channels and get the flow started. Soak the water away on a tissue and ink will very soon come flowing to the tip of the nib.
LWES 2016
The London Writing Equipment Show is on Sunday 2nd October at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, Coram St, London WC1N 1HT. Early Bird visitor entry is from 9.30am and general public entry from 10.30am. The nearest Tube station is Russel Square but it is only a short walk from King's Cross main-line station.
Unfortunately we will not be able to attend this year because Martin has injured his shoulder. We hope you have a good day out and manage to pick up some bargains!
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25th September 2016

Best wishes,

Anna and Martin Roberts


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