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The Writing Desk Reference Section: Questions about pens

How can I tell the size of a pen?

We try to give dimensions (and in some cases weight too) of pens in the description of each item. If this information is missing, please contact us and we will let you know.

Here are some detailed dimensions of popular pens. More will be added as we go on.

Pen model nib length section length to threads* section diameter max/min barrel diameter max barrel/section length barrel plus posted cap length weight
Aurora Talentum22.22210.6/10.013.9110137
Bexley BX80222.92110.7/9.512.9102133
Bexley Model 5823.418.811.5/10.513.9108164
Bexley Poseidon23.416.511.7/11.513.699151
Bexley Imperial23.421.611.1/9.914.9113-
Caran d'Ache Dunas16.623.59.9/7.412.4105135
Caran d'Ache Leman19.12110.5/8.913.310646
Conklin Mark Twain22.82111.6/9.612.310714627
Conway Stewart 5819.41910.5/8.611.9101142
Conway Stewart 10023.31711.3/10.313.1103144
Conway Stewart Capulet23.318.810.0/9.310.710815112
Conway Stewart Collector's Edition18.51910.9/9.013.2107141
Conway Stewart Churchill23.32612.8/10.814.7115157
Conway Stewart Duro23.32011.4/10.012.710814820
Conway Stewart Brunel23.322111-84
Conway Stewart Belliver23.31710.1/11.313.311414236
Conway Stewart Raleigh23.31911.4/10.313.511715648
Conway Stewart Wellington23.32011.3/9.913.3105153
Conway Stewart Wordsworth23.310.8/8.812.9102141
Lamy 20006.43210.8/6.412.511614322
Lamy Safari17.035.512.1/9.612.2112149
Lamy Studio17.03011.6/8.512.3112138
Lamy dialog 316.3-13.513.5139-46
Parker Duofold Centennial23.22110.9/9.81310515028
Pelikan M200/M215/M250/M40020.014.99.8/9.111.810212914
Pelikan M60020.614.910.5/9.612.5103134
Pelikan M80022.615.511.3/10.513.310513930
Sailor 191122.31711.6/10.313.210213118
Sailor 1911 Realo22.31811.6/10.313.298132
Sailor King of Pen26.517.513.0/12.115.310636
Sailor King Professional Gear26.517.513.0/12.115.2109135
Sailor Pro Color 50019.616.810.3/9.412.197137
Sailor Professional Gear22.31711.6/10.313.29412720
Sailor Sapporo19.91710.3/9.312.090123
TWSBI Diamond 53018.22110.0/9.313.1111157
Yard-O-Led Retro Grand233012.0/9.314114146
Yard-O-Led Retro standard17.1238.6/7.610.910514224
Yard-O-Led Viceroy standard17.3248.9/7.69.610613932
Yard-O-Led Viceroy Grand233012.0/9.313.211666
Yard-O-Led Viceroy pocket17.668.9/7.29.87711026
Yard-O-Led Corinthian17.5249.9/7.511.3108-52
* on pens with a clip-on cap (eg Yard-O-Led and Lamy) this measurement is to the part where the cap clips on

Note: the above figures are actual measured dimensions in mm and weight in g. They may differ slightly from manufacturer's published figures.

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