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2009-09: May 2009

Conway Stewart offer extended

This clearance offer on the discontinued 58, Dandy, Duro and Dinkie has been extended and we will be accepting further orders until Thursday 21st May.


New Lamy Safari in pink

A second 2009 Special Edition Safari will be launched in July. We expect demand to be very high so we are offering customers the opportunity to pre-order this pen.


New Noodler's colours

Eternal Polar Brown, Borealis Black and Manjiro Nakahama "Whaleman's Sepia" (for which we have exlusive rights for the UK).

New Diamine colours

New additions to the New Century range: Poppy Red, Majestic Blue, Onyx Black, Chocolate Brown and Pumpkin and 3 new cartridges: Sapphire Blue, Teal and Saddle Brown.


15th May 2009


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