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Sailor Calligraphy pen

Sailor Calligraphy pen
Sailor Calligraphy pen

Sailor's Calligraphy pen has a special curved nib (gold-plated stainless steel) that offers variation in line thickness depending upon the angle that the nib is held to the paper. A more vertical angle produces a narrow stroke whereas a shallow angle will give a thicker line. The Calligraphy pen is actually very dark blue, not black as it may appear in the picture. Supplied with 2 black Sailor cartridges. No converter is supplied but these can be bought separately.

Length capped = 134mm
Nib length = 18.1mm
Section length = 16mm
Section diameter (max/min) = 10.3/9.0mm
Barrel diameter (max) = 12.2mm
Total length (not posted, including nib) = 114mm
Total length posted (including nib) = 144mm
Weight = 12g

Filling mechanism: cartridge/converter
Cartridge type: Sailor
Converter supplied?: no

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Read here about our fountain pen testing and nib tuning procedures.

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