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The Writing Desk Reference Section: Questions about converters

What converter should I buy for my pen?

Firstly, if your pen was not supplied with a converter, it may be that the barrel is too short to take one. Examples of such pens are the Sailor Sapporo Mini, Yard-O-Led Pocket Viceroy and Conway Stewart Dinkie. If your pen takes standard size cartridges, then a standard size converter such as a Schmidt K5, Schmidt K2, Pelikan, Faber Castell (as in photo below), Monteverde or rotring should fit.

See also our Cartridge and Converter Compatiblity page

In all cases, check there is space in the barrel first before inserting into the nib unit. Dimensions of each converter are listed on the relevant product pages. For standard size converters a good rule of thumb is that if your pen can take a spare cartridge in the end of the barrel then there will be plenty of space for a standard converter. See our Returns Policy regarding converters.

Faber Castell Piston converter


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