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2009-10(2): October 2009 part 2

New Noodler's colours We now have Apache Sunset in stock as well as a very limited stock of Legal Lapis. It is unlikely we will be able to re-order this so get yours now.

Vintage and Collectable Pens
Our PDF price list is available to download and some pens on this list also now appear on our website. If you are interested in any of the pens on this list we will be happy to provide more details.

New Diamine Colours
Diamine has just introduced some more colours to its already vast range and we will have these in stock in about a week's time.

Christmas Special Offers
Over the coming weeks we will be adding several more new offers for the Christmas season so please keep an eye on this page for some great deals:

Unfortunately, we have sold all our stock of reference books. However, we do have 3 copies of "Fountain Pens, Vintage and Modern" by Andreas Lambrou at 35 each and 1 copy of "The Story of Writing" by Donald Jackson at 30. Please let us know if you are interested in either of these books.

Postal Strike
Despite recent industrial action our deliveries are getting through OK but collection and delivery will be affected on Friday 23rd October. Since our children will be off school we are planning to take a day off ourselves and have a family day out! Collections should be back to normal by Monday but let's hope the two sides reach an agreement before then.

and finally...
A big Thank You to all who visited us at the recent London Writing Equipment Show. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

20th October 2009


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