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2010-8: August 2010

NEW PRODUCTS - we have received lots of new products in the past few weeks and more to follow over the next few weeks:

M800 Italic
M205 Duo Highlighter

VISCONTI Homo Sapiens



DIAMINE - new colours

The Pelikan Griffix has been added to our 'Pens for Children' category

CONWAY STEWART Nelson Heritage
This is a new Limited Edition of just 50 pens from Conway Stewart and available to order until 6th September. We are expecting our first delivery any day now.

LAMY Studio 68 Platinum Grey
We have a few pens left from this 2009 Special Edition

Sadly, Sailor has discontinued its grey, green, orange, brown and red/brown colours so we now only have limited stocks of these colours. Also, the Sailor Spring Special Edition ink is almost sold out and there won't be any more. The good news, however, is that we have just learned that Sailor is introducing another Special Edition ink in the Autumn followed by a Winter SE next year.
We do have stocks of the new Jentle ink range (black, blue and blue/black) that now includes the internal reservoir (as on the Kiwa-Guro and Sei-Buko ink bottles) to make filling easier.

Unfortunately, we have no information on when we might receive more Noodler's ink. We understand that this is frustrating, as it is for us. When we do have some information we will include this in a newsletter.

DON'T FORGET there are just a few days left to enter our prize draw to win a Conway Stewart Belliver LE in our 10th Anniversary prize draw:

Follow our Twitter feed to get updates of deliveries and new arrivals.

25th August 2010


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