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The Writing Desk Reference Section: Questions about ink

What is the lowest price ink you stock?

The table below lists the price per ml of all the ink ranges we currently stock. Although some bottled ink costs less than others, the capacity may also be less. A fountain pen typically holds about 1ml of ink.

* prices in US Dollars assume an exchange rate of 1.35 $/ and are shown with VAT (at 20%) deducted.

LamyT52 bottled ink00.0000.000
The Writing Deskbottled ink 100ml1000.0600.068
Diaminebottled ink 80ml800.0730.082
Diaminebottled ink 30ml300.0780.088
Conway Stewartbottled ink800.0810.091
Rohrer and Klingnerbottled ink500.0850.096
Herbinbottled ink 100ml1000.1100.124
DiamineRegistrars Ink1000.1130.127
Watermanbottled ink500.1180.133
SheafferSkrip bottled ink500.1190.134
Monteverdebottled ink900.1220.137
Rohrer and KlingnersketchINK500.1350.152
Private Reservebottled ink 2014660.1440.162
LamyT51 bottled ink300.1660.187
Visconticlassic bottled ink600.1670.188
PelikanM205 Duo highlighter ink300.1750.197
Pelikan4001 bottled ink300.1750.197
LamyT52 bottled ink500.1780.200
DiamineShimmertastic ink500.1790.201
NamikiBottled ink600.1820.205
Organics StudioVintage Ink Series550.1910.215
Organics StudioElements550.1910.215
Organics StudioMasters of Writing550.1910.215
Diamine150th Anniversary Collection400.1940.218
HerbinD bottled ink300.2000.225
SailorJentle ink500.2160.243
PelikanFount India300.2320.261
Herbin1670 Ink Collection500.2390.269
Yard-O-Ledwriting ink280.2460.277
Kawecobottled ink300.2500.281
DiamineRegistrars Ink280.2520.284
Herbinscented bottled ink300.2600.293
Aurorabottled ink450.2660.299
PelikanEdelstein ink500.2800.315
Rohrer and KlingnerDokumentus Document Ink500.2900.326
Robert OsterSignature bottled inks500.3000.338
Graf von Faber CastellLuxury Ink750.3040.342
De AtramentisDocument Ink350.3140.353
De AtramentisArchive Ink350.3140.353
SailorFour Seasons Ink500.3240.365
HerbinJacques Herbin 1798 Collection500.4190.471
SailorSei-boku ink500.4320.486
SailorKiwa-Guro ink500.4320.486
Caran dAcheChromatics500.5060.569
PilotIroshizuku ink500.5800.653

This ink comparison table is an original idea subject to copyright control Roberts 2009-2018.


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