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The Writing Desk Reference Section: Questions about pens

What are the relative sizes of Pelikan pens?

M1000 14.7cm, 14.1mm
M800 14.1cm, 13.3mm
M600 13.3cm, 12.5mm
M400 12.5cm, 11.8mm
M300 11.0cm, 9.9mm

The diagram above shows the relative sizes of the Pelikan Souvern Series (M1000 to M300). These measurements are of the pen capped and come from the official Pelikan website. More detailed dimensions are shown on the individual Pelikan pen pages of our website

- the M805 is the same size as the M800.
- the M405 is the same size as the M400.
- the M200, M215 and M250 are the same size as the M400.


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