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2017-09: September 2017

The Writing Desk September 2017 newsletter

The Writing Desk
September 2017 Newsletter
Pilot Capless LE
Pilot Capless 2017 LE
This year's Pilot Capless Limited Edition, "Crimson Sunrise", features a lacquered barrel that starts bright red at the open end and blends to deep crimson. Each pen carries a serial number and the edition size is 2017 pieces. In stock.
Lamy Studio
Lamy Studio Racing Green
The latest special edition version of Lamy's most popular premium range. Now in stock and available to order. If you would like a matching ballpen or rollerball please e-mail for details.
Jacques Herbin 1798 Amethyst
Herbin Amethyst of the Urals
A new premium shimmering ink from J. Herbin. Packaged in a new bottle style, this ink is a deep purple colour with silver particles.
Legami notebooks
These stylish and colourful notebooks have been such a hit in our shop that we have also made them available for purchase on-line. We have just expended the ranges we stock to include more cover designs.
Pelikan M200 Smoky Quartz
Pelikan M200 Smoky Quartz
Now in stock, both as a single pen as well as a gift set with a special edition version of the Edelstein ink of the year.
Organics Studio
Organics Studio
The owner of Organics Studio took a break for his studies but re-commenced production last year, at the same time adding many new colours. We are expecting delivery of some of these exciting new inks any day now although most of our first batch is already sold as we have had some many enquiries! Don't worry, we will take pre-orders for our next delivery.
photo credit: Organics Studio.
Conway Stewart Churchill Bronze
Conway Stewart Churchill Bronze
A new special edition from Bespoke British Pens in stunning marbled resin with colours ranging from gold to nearly black. As with previous special editions, quantities are very limited.
Rhodia Goalbook
Rhodia Goalbook
The perfect basis for a bullet journal. Dot grid paper, perpetual calender, monthly planner, numbered pages and index pages. Probably the most fully-featured notebook we have ever stocked. 90gsm Clairefintaine paper too!
July/August Prize Draw
Congratulations to Iain from Aberdeenshire and Cathrine from Norway. A Pilot Capless fountain pen is on its way to each winner.
TWSBI Classic White and Turquoise
Coming Soon: TWSBI Classic White and Turquoise
New colours for the TWSBI Classic series will be available at the end of September. The white pen will be part of the standard range with the Turquoise as a special edition.
Lamy aion
Coming Soon: Lamy aion
A brand new model from Lamy, released in the UK on 19th September. It's a large pen, overall bigger than the 2000 but priced just above the Studio. It will be available as a ballpen and rollerball as well as a fountain pen.
The Writing Desk meet-up at LWES 2017
London Writing Equipment Show 2017
After having a table at this busy Show every year since 2005 we have decided year to take a break and attend as regular visitors. If you would like to meet for a chat we will be in the lounge at the hotel from about 11.30am. You can let us know you are coming by registering with our Facebook event.
Top Tip: Ultrasonic cleaners
A conversation with a customer in our shop prompted us to write a little about these handy devices. If you own many fountain pens that are in regular use then it may be worth investing in on of these as it will maintain the performance of your pens and ultimately save time caring for them. Basically, an ultrasonic cleaner blasts high frequency sound waves through a water bath and the process is remakably effective at cleaning nibs and feeds without using chemicals or abrasives. Whilst professional grade ultrasonic cleaners cost as much as a high-end pen, it is possible to buy an entry-level model for around £50. Look for bargain offers from Maplin and Aldi.
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14th September 2017


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