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2007-09(2): September 2007 part 2


Bexley is the latest addition to our range of high quality but value-for-money fountain pens. We will be taking a selection to display on our table at the London Writing Equipment Show, which is now under a week away! Following the Show, we will have details on our website.


London Writing Equipment Show 2007

For those who are able to attend, please come and visit us at table number 59 in the main hall (towards the right near the stage).


New Diamine cartridges

Diamine has added Imperial Blue, Mediterranean Blue, Prussian Blue, Umber, Woodland Green, Passion Red and Orange to its range of cartridges. Also new are the Classic, Floral and Regal cartridge selections.


Parker cartridges

We now have all six colours in the new Quink "mini" cartridge.


Bottled ink from 15 manufacturers

We have recently added Caran d'Ache and Sailor to our range of fountain pen ink.


30th September 2007


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