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Fountain Pen Ink

Fountain pens are our speciality, so here at The Writing Desk we are proud to stock what is undoubtedly the largest range of bottled fountain pen inks in the UK.

If you thought that coloured fountain pen ink was a thing of the past and that all you could buy now was black or blue then think again! At last count we had well over 300 different fountain pen ink types to choose from making us the leading fountain pen ink shop in the UK. Just select a manufacturer's name below to view their range.

View by colour on this page.

All the bottled fountain pen inks we stock are suitable for all makes and models of fountain pen although different brands of fountain pen inks do vary in their characteristics such as flow, drying time and intensity of colour.

Please choose the product range from the thumbnail images below.

Aurora bottled inkAurora bottled ink
Caran dAche ChromaticsCaran dAche Chromatics
Conway Stewart bottled inkConway Stewart bottled ink
De Atramentis Document InkDe Atramentis Document Ink
De Atramentis Document Ink ThinnerDe Atramentis Document Ink Thinner
De Atramentis Archive InkDe Atramentis Archive Ink
Diamine Music SetDiamine Music Set
Diamine Flower SetDiamine Flower Set
Diamine Shimmertastic inkDiamine Shimmertastic ink
Diamine 150th Anniversary CollectionDiamine 150th Anniversary Collection
Diamine Registrars InkDiamine Registrars Ink
from £7.15
Diamine bottled ink 80mlDiamine bottled ink 80ml
Graf von Faber Castell Luxury InkGraf von Faber Castell Luxury Ink
Herbin 1670 Ink CollectionHerbin 1670 Ink Collection
Herbin bottled ink 100mlHerbin bottled ink 100ml
Herbin scented bottled inkHerbin scented bottled ink
from £7.80
Herbin D bottled inkHerbin D bottled ink
Lamy T52 bottled inkLamy T52 bottled ink
Monteverde bottled inkMonteverde bottled ink
Organics Studio ElementsOrganics Studio Elements
Parker QuinkParker Quink
Pelikan Edelstein inkPelikan Edelstein ink
Pelikan Fount IndiaPelikan Fount India
Pelikan 4001 bottled inkPelikan 4001 bottled ink
Pelikan M205 Duo highlighter inkPelikan M205 Duo highlighter ink
Pilot Iroshizuku inkPilot Iroshizuku ink
Pilot Namiki inkPilot Namiki ink
Private Reserve bottled ink 2014Private Reserve bottled ink 2014
Private Reserve bottled inkPrivate Reserve bottled ink
from £5.99
Rohrer and Klingner Dokumentus Document InkRohrer and Klingner Dokumentus Document Ink
Rohrer and Klingner bottled inkRohrer and Klingner bottled ink
Sailor Kiwa-Guro inkSailor Kiwa-Guro ink
Sailor Sei-boku inkSailor Sei-boku ink
Sailor Four Seasons InkSailor Four Seasons Ink
Sailor Jentle inkSailor Jentle ink
Sheaffer Skrip bottled inkSheaffer Skrip bottled ink
The Writing Desk bottled ink 100mlThe Writing Desk bottled ink 100ml
Visconti classic bottled inkVisconti classic bottled ink
Waterman bottled inkWaterman bottled ink
Yard-O-Led writing inkYard-O-Led writing ink