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TWSBI is a Taiwanese pen manufacturer with strong emphasis on design, quality and serviceability. Along with the best practices of product design and development they place greatest importance on "Voice of the Customer" information.

The Writing Desk was not only the first UK stockist for TWSBI pens it was the first international stockist apart from TWSBI themselves. Buying from a supplier in the EU avoids additional shipping and handling fees and import duties.

The TWSBI Diamond, Vac, Classic and Eco series pens are designed to be user-serviceable and all parts can be disassembled by following the included instructions and on-line video tutorials (opens in new window). Users are encouraged to service their own pens as this provides a valuable insight into the workings of a modern fountain pen. Finally, if things go wrong, we keep an extensive stock of TWSBI parts.

TWSBI Classic