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Visconti van Gogh Roller-Graphic Sunflowers
Visconti van Gogh Roller-Graphic Sunflowers
Taking inspiration from Vincent van Gogh's famous painting Sunflowers captures the vibrant colours used by this master. Each pen is crafted from Viconti's unique vegetable resin. The roller-graphic has a refillable rollerball system that uses standard-size cartridges/converter. Presented in a gift box depicting an image of the painting from which the pen takes its inspiration.

Length capped = 139.3mm
Nib length = 19.9mm
Section length = 20.4mm
Section diameter (max/min) = 11.3/9.9mm
Barrel diameter (max) = 12.1mm
Total length (not posted, including nib) = 122mm
Total length posted (including nib) = 156mm
Weight = 32g
Filling mechanism: cartridge/converter
Cartridge type: standard-size
Converter supplied?: no
Packaging: van Gogh gift box