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The Writing Desk Mylar lapping film 0.3 micron 140x105mm
The Writing Desk Mylar lapping film 0.3 micron 140x105mm
Fine 0.3 micron (0.0003mm) grade abrasive mylar plastic sheet for smoothing (polishing) nibs. Will provide a final finish for all point sizes but especially useful for medium and narrower grades. Long lasting (unless scratched) and can be rinsed with water to clean. Labelled on the reverse side.

You can ruin a nib with the incorrect use of any type of abrasive material. Do not use unless you are experienced. To gain experience, practice on inexpensive pens first (pens that you wouldn't be upset if you ruined). Also, take note of the following advice:

  • Check nib alignment first with a good magnifier (10x or 15x is recommended). A scratchy nib can usually be fixed by correcting alignment. Do not attempt to use any abrasive material on a nib until alignment has been checked.
  • For best results, use wet (eg with ink in the pen) to provide lubrication.
  • Avoid pressure. Use gentle circular or straight line motion, making sure you keep moving the pen/nib to avoid too much abrasion in one point.
  • Have a notebook with you on the bench. Make a few movements on the sheet and keep testing as you go.
  • Remember, once tipping material is removed, it cannot be put back!
  • If in doubt, send your pen to an experienced pen repairer.

Note that using mylar lapping film or similar abrasives on a brand new pen is likely to void your warranty.

These sheets are cut from larger stock so there may be some minor variation in size.

Sold in single sheets.