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TWSBI Diamond 580 nib assembly M
TWSBI Diamond 580 nib assembly M
Genuine replacement nibs for the TWSBI Diamond 580 fountain pen. Fully compatible with the Diamond 530 and Diamond 540 models. Also fits the Diamond 580RB and Diamond 580AL models by changing the front section (this just slides off). A complete assembly of nib/feed/collar mounted in a transparent gripping section (sorry, other colours not yet available). The nib itself is manufactured by Jowo.

To replace the nib on your Diamond 580 fountain pen, empty and clean the pen then unscrew the front section from the barrel by gripping the metal collar (the transparent grip section will just rotate so don't grip this part). Replace with the new nib section and gently screw in until hand tight. Replace the original nib in the canister for safe keeping. Note that the small black plastic part that comes as part of the nib packaging can be used to plug a 530, 540 or 580 barrel if it is to be stored without a nib unit.