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Monteverde converters

Monteverde Piston converter clear
Monteverde Piston converter green
Monteverde Mini Piston converter
Monteverde Piston converter threaded
A range of standard ("International") size converters from Monteverde. Four types are available:
  • Threaded type for Conway Stewart, Caran d'Ache and other pens that require a threaded converter. This converter is exactly the same as the type used by Conway Stewart (except it does not have gold-plating on the metal parts).
  • Clear type that will fit most pens that do not take a proprietary cartridge or converter (except small cartridge-only pens). 69.5mm long, max diameter 7.4mm.
  • Green type - same as clear.
  • Mini slide converter for small pens. 61mm long, max diameter 6.8mm (note: this will not fit a Yard-O-Led Pocket Viceroy nor Sheaffer pens that took the Slim cartridge).

More information can be found on this page.