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Lamy Z24/Z28 Converter
These are all high-quality genuine Lamy piston converters to convert your Lamy fountain pen to use bottled ink. Please make sure you order the correct version for your Lamy model.
  • Z24 (left) - now replaced by the Z28 but this is functionally identical to the Z24 : Safari, Vista, Joy, Al-Star, Smile, nexx, nexx M, abc. This converter has studs to clip into the front section so will only work with the pens listed.
  • Z25 (centre) : Accent, Persona 23. This converter screws in place. Now discontinued. Available only while stocks last. Note that the Z26 can be used instead.
  • Z26 (right) - now replaced by the Z27 but this is functionally identical to the Z26 : Studio, Logo, ST, Linea, CP1, Alu, Lady, Persona, dialog 3. Will also work with all other Lamy fountain pens.