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Kaweco Supra fountain pen brass
Kaweco Supra fountain pen brass
All about nib sizes
Two pens in one! The Kaweco Supra fountain pen features a removable section in its brass barrel that enables it to be either a pocket pen or else a full-size fountain pen. Uses large number 6 Kaweco nib. A full-size converter can be used with the barrel extender in place, but in "short" mode only a Kaweco Sport squeeze converter will fit.


The dimensions below (apart from the lengths capped) are those for the pen in "pocket" mode. When the barrel extender is in place the open lengths increase by 30.3mm.

The nib on this pen will tested and tuned prior to dispatch. If you have any particular requirements please out these in the Special Instructions field when ordering. For more information, please visit this page
Length capped = 98.8~129.6mm
Nib length = 23.5mm
Section length = 15.2mm
Section diameter (max/min) = 10.6/9.9mm
Barrel diameter (max) = 12.5mm
Total length (not posted, including nib) = 95mm
Total length posted (including nib) = 134mm
Weight = 50g
Nib material: stainless steel
Filling mechanism: cartridge/converter (extended), cartridge only without extender (see description above)
Cartridge type: standard-size
Converter supplied?: no
Packaging: Kaweco gift tin