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Herbin Metal rollerball

Herbin Metal rollerball black
Herbin Metal rollerball blue
Herbin Metal rollerball green
Herbin Metal rollerball orange
Herbin Metal rollerball pink
A refillable rollerball pen that takes standard size fountain pen cartridges.Matt colour cap and barrel with shiny J Herbin logo on the cap and transparent front section. Unlike conventional roller-ball pens you do not need to replace the entire innards when a refill is needed, you just need a new cartridge.

Filling from bottled ink is possible using a Kaweco Mini Piston converter but we recommend filling the converter before fitting into the pen. A Monteverde mini converter can also be used but be aware that the plunger of the converter will be pushed in by approximately 3mm when the barrel is re-fitted so we suggest that you either do not fill the converter completely or else be prepared for some ink to be expelled.