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2016-04: April 2016

The Writing Desk April 2016 newsletter

The Writing Desk
April 2016 Newsletter
Yard-O-Led promotion
Watch out for forthcoming deals on Yard-O-Led pens and pencils. We will be running a series of promotions during the whole of May 2016.
Congratulations to Richard from Derbyshire who is the lucky winner of our Easter prize draw. A brand new Lamy 2000 fountain pen is on its way to him.
TWSBI Eco fountain pen clear
Everyone has been waiting a long time for this pen and we received a delivery just a few days ago. This pen represents superb value for money and features a large capacity piston fill mechanism. Also available with white or black cap.
Lamy Safari "Dark Lilac" fountain pen
Our first delivery of these new pens is sold out and unfortunately our next batch isn't due until mid-May. Lamy seems to be overwhelmed with demand! Make sure you place an order to avoid missing out.
Kaweco has recently announced a new pen called the Supra. Our 13 year old son spent a day at The Writing Desk for work experience and he made this short video introducing the pen. Keep an eye on our social media channels for pricing and availability.
Watch out for the new Kaweco Supra and other exciting new products by visiting our "What's New" page. For more up to the minute product news follow us on social media.

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Visit to the Yard-O-Led factory.
In February this year Anna and Martin were guests of Yard-O-Led in Birmingham. Read about our tour of the Yard-O-Led workshop and how skilled craftspeople create these stunning sterling silver writing instruments.
Pelikan M205 Transparent Blue. Special Edition. This model is a re-issue of a pen from from 2009 but with a silver cap ring. Available with either steel nib or upgraded gold nib from the M405.
New Diamine colours: Classic Green and Oxford Blue. In 80ml glass bottles and 30ml plastic bottles.
Top Tip:
When your ink bottle is getting empty, you can easily fill a converter pen by removing the converter, filling it outside the pen, and re-inserting as if it were a cartridge.
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29th April 2016

Best wishes,

Anna and Martin Roberts


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