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2009-03: March 2009

Sorry we haven't issued any newsletters for a while.

Lamy Safari 2009 Special Edition

This year's colour is orange! As with all our Lamy pens, we make all nib sizes available plus offer a bundle price with a converter.

Special Offers

Keep an eye on our Specials page this month. We will be listing several more pens and ink etc over the next couple of weeks.

Lamy nibs

We have had many enquiries about the Lamy MK nib. This was discontinued by Lamy last year but what they didn't make widely known is that the current medium point (M) is now made to the same specification as the MK. We also offer the A nib on the Safari range and will be rolling this out to other pens soon. This nib is supplied on the abc child's fountain pen and its line width is between fine and medium.

Diamine Registrar's ink

We now have this in 100ml plastic refill bottles.

Herbin ink

Due to stock shortages at the factory we have been waiting longer than usual for our delivery. However, we are reliably informed that it should arrive at the end of this week. We apologise for the delay.

Noodler's ink

We are also waiting for a new delivery of Noodler's which will include the new Polar Brown.


11th March 2009


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