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2017-10: October 2017

Win a Lamy aion set | The Writing Desk October 2017 newsletter

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October 2017 Newsletter
Traveler's Notebook
Traveler's Company
We are delighted to now stock the original "Traveler's Notebook", formerly known as Midori. There are 2 sizes: Regular and Passport, and a wide range of refills and inserts including one with "lightweight" paper (otherwise known as Tomoe River).
win a Lamy aion set
Win a Lamy aion set
During October 2017 we are running a prize draw with a chance to win one of two Lamy aion 3-piece sets of fountain pen, rollerball and ballpen. Follow the link for full details.
TWSBI Diamond mini AL gold
TWSBI Diamond mini AL Gold
The latest special edition from TWSBI. Based on the Diamond mini AL, this pen features gold anodised piston parts and front gripping section.
Lamy nibs
Lamy steel nibs
Many of you have been aware that some Lamy nib sizes have not been available recently due to production shortages. We are delighted that the situation is back to normal now and we are able to supply EF and italic sizes as spare parts as well as on new Lamy pens.
Lamy gold nibs
Lamy gold nibs
Lamy gold nibs are also back in stock in all sizes from EF to B plus oblique. The perfect upgrade for your Lamy pen.
Fountain Pen Day 2017
This annual event is on Friday 3rd November this year. Look out for special offers and giveaways on this date.
Diamine Earl Grey
Diamine Earl Grey
On Friday 27th October, Diamine will add a 106th colour to its 80ml and 30ml fountain pen ink range: Earl Grey. Developed in conjunction with the fountainpens group on Reddit, this new colour is a mid grey with hints of purply blue. Samples will also be available upon launch.
new Diamine Shimmer inks
new Diamine Shimmer inks`
Also on Friday 27th October, ten new shimmer inks will be available from Diamine: Arctic Blue, Arabian Nights, Citrus Ice, Cobalt Jazz, Electric Pink, Firefly, Frosted Orchid, Golden Ivy (shown), Spearmint Diva and Wine Divine. We will also offer samples.
Conway Stewart pens for sale
Conway Stewarts for sale
We have five superb Conway Stewart fountain pens for sale on behalf of the family of their original owner. The are 2 Model 100s (one of which is a Doctor's Pen LE), a Nelson, a Wellington and a Worsdworth, all complete with their original boxes. If you are interested in any of these pens please let us know.
Pelikan special offers
Pelikan Special Offers
We have special offers running on selected Pelikan fountain pens. Also look out for two new special edition models.
Top Tip: Pen Cleaning Solution
Whilst we will always recommend regular flushing with plain water (especially if a pen has to go out of rotation or into storage), sometimes water just isn't enough. Last month we talked about ultrasonic cleaners but if you don't have access to one of these then simple ammonia solution often does the trick to clean out the feed channels. Unfortunately for the fountain pen owner, ammonia has fallen out of fashion as a general purpose cleaning solution so not many shops still stock the chemical, but it is available if you persevere. Dilute it 1 part ammonia to 10 parts water before use and store it in a sealed container.
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22nd October 2017


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