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Lamy pens and pencils represent some of the best value writing instruments available. Lamy pens are manufactured in Germany by family-owned business that was founded in 1930 by C. Josef Lamy in Heidelberg. The LAMY brand has existed since 1952 and in 1966 the distinctive style of Lamy Design was born with the LAMY 2000 fountain pen.

The Writing Desk is unique amongst Lamy pen specialists in that we offer the full range of nib options for all Lamy pens, even nib sizes that aren't normally available for a particular model.

You can view and try the full range of LAMY pens, pencils and accessories at our shop in Bury St Edmunds (link opens in new window/tab). For shop opening hours, please refer to our Contact page.

We can also arrange for any new Lamy pen to be engraved at the factory. Please ask for details.

Lamy Imporium
Lamy Dialog 3
Lamy 2000M
from £165.00
Lamy cp1 PT
Lamy scala
from £85.00
Lamy 2000
from £49.00
Lamy Studio
from £49.00
Lamy Aion
Lamy Lx
Lamy cp1/linea/ST
from £19.95
Lamy Scribble
from £29.50
Lamy cases A30
from £29.90
Lamy cases A31
from £29.90
Lamy pur 47
Lamy Al-Star
from £21.50
Lamy cases A20
from £22.90
Lamy logo
from £22.50
Lamy joy calligraphy
from £15.50
Lamy nexx M
from £17.50
Lamy Safari
from £12.50
Lamy cases A3
from £15.90
Lamy nexx
Lamy abc
from £9.50
Lamy Vista
from £9.90
Lamy Engraving
from £6.00
Lamy Z50 nib
from £5.50
Lamy converters
from £4.00
Lamy erasers
Lamy cartridges
from £1.80
Lamy ink-x