The Writing Desk "Col-o-rama"

Choose from the links below to display bottled ink by colour. You can then choose which ink(s) to order by selecting the quantity and clicking on "Continue". You will be directed to a new page to check your order before confirming.

Blue   Turquoise   Green   Red   Yellow/Orange   Purple/Violet   Brown   Black/Grey  

Show ALL colours. There are currently 6 bottled inks in our catalogue (including scented but not including speciality inks).


Herbin Poussière de Lune (100.0ml)
Burgundy (Moon Dust)


Note that colour representation cannot be truly accurate due to variations in scanning, the reproduction on your own computer system and varations in pen, paper and writing characteristics.

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The Writing Desk "Col-o-rama" facility is an original idea. All scripts and images © copyright Roberts 2005-2007. No part to be reproduced without permission.